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What Are Seamless Gutters?

Seamless guttering was largely unavailable to the average homeowner until fairly recently. Advances in gutter technology over the past decade have allowed seamless gutter systems to become the front-runner in all gutter installations across Southern California.

There are many benefits to installing seamless gutters on homes and businesses.


Features of Seamless Rain Gutters:

  • Seamless fabrication means no leaks.
  • Seamless construction means less clogging by debris.
  • Ensures less water damage to siding and infrastructure.
  • Limits risk of water issues such as mold and mildew.

Options Customizable To Suit Any Property.

Seamless gutters fabricated from one long, solid piece of metal coil instead of jointed systems fitted together with bolts and other adhesives. Older, outdated guttering exposes homes to chronic moisture, greatly increasing the likelihood of dangerous toxic mold and mildew.

Seamless systems are different. Each custom gutter system created and installed by Irvine Rain Gutter Pros is designed to eliminate these risks by correctly addressing water flow issues permanently.

Seamless gutters are available in a variety of materials, all possessing different traits and benefits. Unlike windows where pvc use is widespread, we do not recommend vinyl gutters because they are subjected over time they fail and require far more ongoing maintenance that metal gutters.

Our wide variety of custom seamless gutters are available in Aluminum, Steel and Copper. All coatings are the highest quality available, limiting premature peeling or cracking.Aluminum is a popular choice for guttering as it is readily available and fairly inexpensive.


Aluminum is a lightweight metal, therefore it must be handled with more care than sturdier materials. It is more likely to warp and dent than steel, and care should be taken to lighten the load of debris with biannual gutter cleaning.That said, it is generally less expensive to install, as it requires little additional bracing. Our clients should expect their Aluminum seamless gutters to provide 20-30 years of water protection.


Steel is another popular choice for gutters in Southern California. Considerably heavier than aluminum, it will require additional support and heavy duty bracing when installed. Care should be taken to inspect these braces when gutters are cleaned annually. Steel also requires coatings or galvanization to prevent rust. On the flip side, steel gutters last significantly longer than aluminum, and will require less damage repair.


Copper is a wonderful material for exterior application, including seamless guttering. Developing a beautiful patina as it ages adds charm and whimsical character to any facade.Copper is the most durable of the materials available providing superior water protections for over 100 years. This does come at a substantial upfront investment, however, and this should be carefully factored into the project scope.

Our Irvine Rain Gutter Pro clients rave about their seamless copper rain gutters and often refer us our next new clients.